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HP-2000L Series Liquid Packaging Machine

Liquid Filling Sealing Packing Machine

  • Features Widely uses in the milk, the fermented bean curd, each kind of drink, the soy sauce, the vinegar, the liquor and so on each kind of liquid. Single polyethylene film wrapper, can carry on the ultraviolet ray to be antiseptic automatically, the feed bag formation, the date printing, the quota fill install, seal gather shut off disposable complete. The complete machine uses the stainless steel structure, achieves the international sanitation standard. Machine performance steady reliable, the operation is simple, the failure rate is low. Optional: organic glass shade, ribbon code printer, ultraviolet radiation sterilization, etc function. Applications Suitable for filling material: It is applicable for filling liquid material, such as water, milk, soymilk, etc. Packaging material: Single layer film,back-sealing bag. 

HP-2000L Series Liquid Packaging Machine

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