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Manual Shrink Wrapper Machine

I-Bar Shrink Wrap Machine with Heat Gun, Shrink Wrap Sealer Machine  I-bar Sealer Compatible with PVC POF Film Suitable for Both Home and Commercial Use

  •  Made of premium iron material, this shrink wrap machine is resistant to wear and rusk. The inner is equipped with a pure copper transformer for a quick heating effect.

  • Film can better work on the roller, flat, and smooth. Cooperating with a silicone strip, a lever is used to seal products conveniently. It seals 300-600mm length film or plastic bags.

  • Temperature is adjustable from one-level to nine-level, suitable for the film of different thicknesses. Pure copper transformer for quick heat, no warm-up needed.

  • The heat gun has two-level adjustable wind speeds to adapt to different wind power needs. Adopt advanced technology and heat resistance design to shrink wrap efficiently and keep safe.

  • Enhance the appearance and value of items, such as books, toys, food, and so on, by protecting it against pilfering, dirt, dust, moisture, and handling.

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