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How it works
Kingpak KS Hand Sealer

Impulse Bag Sealer Poly Bag Sealing Machine Heat Seal Closer

KS Series, HI Series, KS-BC Series and KSA Series Auto Sealer

Sealing Range: 0 to 1000mm

Can Seal PE/PP/HDPE Film Bag

Foot Pedal Sealer

Foot Pedal Sealer

SF Series, KS-F Series, KS-DD Series and KS-FS Series Electromagnectic Pneumatic Pedel Sealer

Can Seal PE/PP/HDPE Film Bag

VFFS Machine

Vertical Form Fill Sealing Machine Packaging Machine for Liquid, Grain, Powder and Paste

HP-L Series, HP-G Series and HP-P Serires

Can Seal Lamination Film Bag

VFFS Machine

Vacuum Sealer

Automatic Vacuum Air Sealing System with Dry & Moist

Sealing Range: 0 to 1000mm

Can Seal PE/PP/HDPE Film Bag

Vacuum Sealer

Hand Sealer

Foot Pedal Heat Impulse Sealer 

Poly Bag Sealing Machine

Sealing Range: 0 to 1000mm

DZ Series and DZQ Series Gas Flush

Piston Filler

Pneumatic Liquid Paste Filling Machine

Full Stainless Steel

Can using for Food and Beverage

Table Top Filler, Floor Model Filler

Compack Vaccum Packer

Vacuum Sealer Machine Food Sealer with Built-in Cutter

DZ-280, DZ-300A Vaccum Machine

Shrinking Packer

Trolley Semi Auto Heat-shrink And Sealing

2 in 1 Cut and Shrink Machine

BFS-5540 Series and FM3028 Series

FM3028 1500_edited_edited.jpg

Cup Tray Sealer

Cup Sealer Machine 

Manual, Semi Auto, Automatic, Gas Filling

Flow Packing Machine

Flow Packing Machine

Automatic Flow Wrapper Machine

PE Film Series, 250 Series,350 Series, 400 Series, 450 Series, 600 Series, 700 Series, 800 Series

The flow wrapping machine can automatically complete bag making, measuring, coding, cutting, counting the whole packaging process.

Smart Filler

Electronic Scale Grain and Powder Filling Machine

F Series filling machine applicable to different types of grain and powder products. The filling range is controlled by electronic scale, and user can adjsut the filling range.

F100, F500, F999,F3000, F5000, F9999

Band Sealer

Automatic Continuous Sealing Machine

Continuous Band Sealers is the most efficient, simple semi-automatic sealing machines. These band sealers utilize a conveyor belt to heat sealing poly bags and other plastic bags. 

Painted Machine Body DBF, Stainless Steel Machine Body CBS, Heavy Duty

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